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Thank you for your interest in becoming a dedicated member of the Fore Honor Golf & Event Center Team!

At Fore Honor Golf & Event Center, we provide our guests with high quality activities, food, and considerate service in an atmosphere of relaxation and fun.   Our quality is the responsibility of each employee - whether you are working in the proshop, kitchen, on the course, or especially in view of the customer.  Teamwork and cooperation are the keys to success for all staff members. We trust that your employment will be long and profitable.  Each employee is a valuable member of the organization.  Each individual holds the key to the success of the whole team!

The Fore Honor Golf & Event Center is equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including race, color, age, sex, religion, handicap, or national origin.

Employment Duration

Fore Honor Golf & Event Center employees may be hired on a seasonal basis.  Upon hire, training will begin around weather-dependent circumstantial scheduling, as needed until an independent schedule can be created, and the duration of hire will last until the end of the weather-dependent circumstantial season.  During training, we will assess your initial performance, productivity, attendance, and co-operation, and decide whether or not your approach to work meets our requirements to continue the duration of the season.

Job Requirements

  • Age 18+ preferred  (required by law for alcohol-serving positions)
  • Legal & reliable personal transportation
  • Valid driver’s license (and must be able to operate a golf cart)
  • Clean background check
  • Must work weekdays, weekends, holidays, and holiday weekends when scheduled
  • Willingness to work occasional event days that may be from sunrise to sunset, or later
  • Flexible with schedule changes
  • Dependable and punctual: work is completed on time and absences are minimal
  • Ability to withstand working indoors or outdoors, in changing weather conditions and all temperatures
  • Knowledgeable of golf etiquette and basic golf terms to do with scoring, gameplay, and the golf course
  • Easily lift up to 60 lbs throughout the day
  • Willingness to be on feet or moving for 8 or more hours
  • Knowledgeable of PTSD & TBI or willing to learn
  • Awareness of Fore Honor Foundation Non Profit Mission & Vision
  • Ability to multitask at all times in a fast-paced environment entailing a variety of positions, simultaneously
  • Educated on math basics including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, fractions and decimals
  • Memorization abilities such as knowing current golf rates at all times, addressing regular customers by name, or memorizing daily responsibilities
  • Great attitude: alert and attentive to the needs of customers, management, and peers
  • Ability to handle an emergency or unforeseen incident calmly and correctly
  • Integrity: loyal, honest, and maintains a high standard of ethics
  • Responsible to show up on time, prepared, adhere to given schedules, and complete tasks given each work day
  • Must take initiative and be willing to perform more than just the required task, as well as have the desire to learn and improve knowledge and performance (merely “okay” is NOT good enough)
  • Proper appearance: neat and tidy in clean well-pressed attire, conscious at all times of excellent personal hygiene (job attire will vary among job positions)

Qualifications Preferred

  • GUEST RELATIONS: Customer Service experience is a plus. We are looking for a friendly attitude, short, sweet and to the point.
  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS For Proshop /Deli Positions Receptionist experience preferred: answering up to 3 lines of phone calls at once, taking messages, putting customers on hold, and addressing them in priority order. Must be able to handle checking in customers while also answering phone calls on priority basis, with a pleasant attitude.
  • COMPUTER SKILLS: For Proshop /Deli Positions Experience with golf course tee sheet and point-of-sale software preferred. Computer use includes updating subscriber database information throughout the day, navigating websites and browsers, trouble-shootings computer-related issues
  • CASH HANDLING: For Proshop /Deli /Bartending Positions Cash register experience preferred including opening and closing drawer, operating from a money bag, being accountable for cash counts and responsible for keeping cash secure at all times.
  • KITCHEN EXPERIENCE: For Deli /Bartending /Event Positions Experience preferred including bussing, serving, dishwashing, food prepping, cooking, plating, waiting tables, etc (Servsafe certification is a plus).
  • CLEANING AND /OR JANITORIAL EXPERIENCE: Experience using cleaning products and cleaning tools preferred. Duties include cleaning golf carts, equipment, floors, carpets, dishes, countertops, tables & furniture, bathrooms, toilets, walls, mirrors, windows, etc.
  • LANDSCAPING /LAWN /GROUNDS MAINTENANCE: (Grounds Crew Positions) Experience with grounds maintenance equipment preferred, including weedeaters, chainsaws, push mowers, fairway mowers, zero turns, tractors, etc.
  • GOLFING EXPERIENCE: Experience with golfing preferred, and especially having golfed at Fore Honor Golf & Event Center (familiarity with course layout is a plus).

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