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Founded by Andrea Politte, the patriotic mother of a three-time combat/war-wounded USMC son with extreme PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Parkinson’s Disease, as well as other injuries affecting the rest of his life. Her son's dedicated time in service and the affects he is left with, have inspired Andrea to create a special place FORE HONOR, RESPECT, PTSD HEALING & WELLNESS for those who serve, promoting individual and community health and well-being, especially for those living with PTSD and TBI, and to raise awareness to the community of PTSD and its damaging effects when left untreated.

Our MISSION is to Honor, Respect, and Assist all Military, Veterans, First Emergency Responders, and their Families, especially those diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), recognizing these proven warriors who have Served, Protected, Defended, and Sacrificed to protect our freedoms, many of whom continue to put their lives on the line every day.

Our VISION is to honor our American Heroes. We support organizations that offer assistance, resources, services, counseling, wellness programs, and activities for service- duty- or war-wounded sufferers of PTSD/TBI. Our Vision as we grow forward is to create a unique ALL HONOR’S themed golf course, dedicating tee boxes and greens honoring each branch of service throughout the beautiful acreage. We aim to become a resource for any type of Military, Veteran or First Responder social gathering: banquets, family reunions, organization meetings, sharing meals or drinks with friends and family, or playing a round of golf.

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Fore Honor Golf and Event Center

We are open to the public!

We are the Fore Honor Golf & Event Center at Deer Creek USA. Our 30,000 sq. ft Event Center is a lovely chalet-style venue that can accommodate 30 to 500 guests indoors, and more outdoors, for events of all kinds: weddings, receptions, ceremonies, showers, corporate meetings, fundraisers, parties, dinners, banquets, reunions, and more. Guests can enjoy the 150 ft. balcony boasting grand views of the hills and golf course. The beautiful 90-acre Golf Course is a challenging 18-hole, par 71 course nestled in 200 acres of wooded hills. Currently, the Fore Honor Golf Course is the first of its kind to offer free Honor Memberships to all Military, Veterans, and First Responders. From 2014-2016, the golf course proudly awarded $50,000 in free daily green fee Honor Memberships! The goal is to create an honor-themed golf course abundant with nature’s Eco-therapy proven to help with PTSD. Statuary and monuments throughout will create an honor experience. Honor-themed tee boxes and greens will remind guests when they swing their club someone has their back.

PTSD can rip families apart, it can devastate, it can paralyze their life, and it can drive sufferers to rely on vices such as alcohol and drugs to cope while trying to find their balance. It is our duty out of appreciation for their sacrifice to help prevent the tragic 22 suicides per day that stem from PTSD-related causes. The Fore Honor PTSD Wellness and Services Center aims to become the main source of assistance and resources in our area for this deserving clientele.

We appreciate any and all volunteers, grants, sponsorships, funding, and donations: monetary, skilled trade services, time, in kind and auction items. All events and tournaments hosted proceed to assist the Fore Honor Foundation in this endearing Mission and Vision of Honor, Respect, Healing, and Wellness for our deserving Military, Veterans, First Responders, their Families, and the Community. Thank you for your appreciated support. Together, we can touch hearts and help heal lives.

“We believe that while giving Honor and Respect ... We provide Hope, and where there is Hope.... There can be Healing.”

Program description

We are open to the public!

Fore Honor PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Wellness & Services Center

  • Provide and lease office spaces to supportive organizations offering resources, services, counseling, therapy, healing, and wellness for our Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their Families, especially those who suffer from PTSD/TBI

Facility/Grounds Update and Maintenance

  • Become ADA Complaint and Meet Combat-Wounded Regulations
  • Fund Facility Updates, Utilities, and Operational Expenses to keep the facilities open
  • Ensure to always provide free green fees to our Military, Veterans, and First Responders, providing Eco-Therapy Golf
  • Expand Parking Lot to increase capacity, offering further availability to our clientele

Honor-Themed Park and Golf Course

  • Provide Free Golf, as Eco-Therapy, to Honor Members
  • Design Tee Box/Greens Statuary Honoring Service Branches and Organizations of all who Serve, Protect, Defend, & Sacrifice
  • Install Honor-Inscribed Brick Cart Path and Walkways
  • Display Hillside Honor Tributes Recognizing all Service Branches, Service Animals, and other Sacrifices made for our Nation
  • Build Cabins in the woods to provide room and board to those who will benefit from Eco-Therapy experienced lodging here

Community Impact

  • Raise Awareness using excess operating profits to fund a National Campaign for the Fore Honor Foundation that will educate the community and nation about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).
  • Host Functions and Programs to assist like-minded organizations so that together we can provide healthier lives for the individuals and families in our local communities
  • Branch out to our local hotels, restaurants, and other businesses; seeking investors, partners, and sponsors as Friends of the Fore Honor Foundation to join us in our Mission & Vision of Honor, Respect, Healing, & Wellness
  • Ultimately, we want to create a welcoming facility for all deserving clientele to use and enjoy becoming our community’s welcoming location and intersection of involvement for Military, Veterans, First Responders, their Families, and applicable Organizations